This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Installing the next AR System server in the server group

Repeat this set of procedures for each additional server, following the initial server installation.

This section describes how to install and configure the next server in the server group installation (servers B – Z). These procedures assume that you have downloaded the software.

  1. Open the mid tier on the first server and add the AR Server license for the next server.

    To add the license, you can determine the server host ID by using the ipconfig /all command on your computer to Obtaining BMC Remedy license keys.


  2. Install BMC Remedy AR System.
    When installing the second server and all servers afterward, the Server Group option is not displayed because the installer automatically detects this information based on the database details provided during installation and the installation continues. Remember that you are using a common database that the server group shares, as well as the database login information and database settings. All your AR System servers will connect to this database. 

    If you plan to use the portmapper with your server group installation, do not specify the port number for the AR System server installation. If you specify a port number, that tells the system that the AR System server is not using portmapper.


  3. Log on to the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool and add the AR Server.
  4. If you are using a load balancer, configure it so that it does not route traffic to the primary server during the installation or upgrade.
  5. After the AR System server is installed, install other products in the following order:
    • BMC Atrium Core
    • BMC Remedy IT Service Management
    • BMC Service Level Management
      To install BMC Service Level Management on a secondary server, perform the following steps:
      1. Run the installation. 
      2. When the Application Overwrite Selection panel appears, select Reinstall SLM Application and then click Next
      3. Verify the options and then click Next to continue the installation.
    • BMC Service Request Management
      Make sure to use the server group installation method. This server group method is automatically selected in most cases, as the products and component installations can see that the already installed AR Server is setup as a server group. Each of the product installations handle that a little differently and most of them display some type of message indicating that they recognize the server group and are installing as such.
      Verify that each product or component is working before you attempt to install another product or component. 
  6. To install the next server, go back to step 1, and repeat the process.
    Repeat this until all servers are installed and configured.
    If this is the last server you are installing, you are now finished. 

    If the product you are installing was already installed and licensed on the first server, you do not need to install a license for it. With server groups, each license (other than the AR System server license) needs to be installed only once.



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