This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Installed plug-in components

Before you can create AR System plug-ins, you must install these components:

  • AR System plug-in servers — Automatically installed with BMC Remedy AR System.
  • API component of the AR System server — Includes the plug-in APIs. You must select this option during the BMC Remedy AR System installation. The API component includes:
    • The header files you use to compile C plug-ins and create the shared libraries. See the arplugin.h file for C plug-in definitions and declarations.
    • The files you need to write Java plug-ins.


In addition to the BMC Remedy AR System 8.1 Java plug-in server and its API, the C plug-in server, arplugin, and its API are installed.

Installed plug-in files

The plug-in server and Java plug-in API files are typically installed in the following directories:

  • UNIX/usr/ar/<serverName>/pluginsvr
  • WindowsC:\Program Files\AR System\<serverName>\pluginsvr




Includes the AR System Java API, Java utilities, and AR System server communications
This file is called by Java plug-ins.


Plug-in server log file
This file is generated when the Java plug-in server starts.


(Windows) C plug-in server interface for C plug-ins


Java plug-in server and plug-in interfaces
This file is called by the Java plug-in server.


Java plug-in server logging configuration file


Java logging utility


Java plug-in server configuration file


Java plug-in server start-up file for Windows

Java plug-in server start-up file for UNIX

* VerNum represents the release version number.

The arplugin.h file is installed with the other C API include files in the include subdirectory.

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