This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Including attachments with incoming email

Submit instructions can also include attachments.


If you are using message/rfc822 attachments with a submit template, make sure the mail client you use is sending the file name of the attached message properly. To test this, send an incoming mail with a message attachment, then view the Attachment tab on the Email Messages Form for the name of the attached file. If you use Outlook Express to submit the message to the Email Engine and save the attachment by using the .msg extension, the file name remains intact.

To include attachments

  1. Create a new email message in your mail tool.
  2. Address the email message to the incoming mailbox.
  3. To include an attachment in an email, use the attachment field name or field ID:
    Schema: HD Incident
    Server: polycarp
    Login: Francie Frontline
    Password: <password>
    Action: Submit
    !Submitter!: Francie Frontline
    !Short Description!: I am including the filter.log file.
    Attachment field !536880912!: filter.log
    Your label/value pair syntax should not see the attachment pool, but to specific attachment fields.
  4. Insert your attachment file anywhere in the email.
    If the attachment name including the extension is not supplied, the email submission will not pass the attachment to the attachment field.
    Do not include two attachment files with the same name, as in the following example:
    Attachment field 1 !536880912!: filter.log
    Attachment field 2 !536880913!: filter.log
    The Email Engine will accept the email submit instruction; however, the Email Engine cannot recognize which of the two filter.log files to insert into the 536880912 attachment field.

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