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Example application - The tiger is traded to another zoo

This section describes an example in which the tiger, named Karuna, at the hypothetical wild animal park is transferred to a different zoo. This scenario illustrates a complete process, but not every component of the process is discussed in detail.

After several years, the animal park determines that it should have a different male tiger to maintain genetic diversity in its tiger population. By examining a database maintained by zoos worldwide, the staff discovers a tiger that is available and has no common ancestors with Karuna or with the park's female tigers. They decide to trade Karuna, and a staffer changes Karuna's status from Permanent to Trade Pending, thereby triggering the same notification filter that was used when Karuna arrived. This time, it notifies the animal handlers to move Karuna to a temporary cage, as shown in the following figure.

Notifications in the animal tracking application
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After Karuna leaves the park, his status is changed to Traded. When the changed request is submitted, a filter uses a Push Fields action to move all of Karuna's data from the Animal form to the Former Resident form, as shown in the following figure.

Push Fields action used in the animal tracking application
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The Medical History form is not archived or changed because the staff might, at any point, want information from the medical records. For example, they might want information about all tiger surgeries performed at the park.


This process is similar to retiring an asset in an asset management application: you need to track the problem history of an asset during its active use and after its retirement.

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