This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Defining form descriptors

For each form that will be available to appear in a home page panel, you must create an entry in the AR System Home Page Descriptor form, shown in the following figure. The entries in the descriptor form supply two sets of menus:

  • When the user needs to change the form that appears in a panel on the customizable home page, a menu of the available descriptors appears.
  • When you define a default layout in the layout form, a menu appears in each panel, allowing you to select the descriptor for each form that will appear by default.

The AR System Home Page Descriptor form
(Click the image to expand it.)

To create a home page descriptor

  1. Open the AR System Home Page Descriptor form in New mode.
  2. Complete the fields in the form as described in the following table.
  3. Save the descriptor.
    Administrator-defined fields in the AR System Home Page Descriptor form
    Field name Description
    Content ID Enter a unique name for this descriptor. This name appears in the Layout form when you are selecting the descriptors for a default layout. BMC recommends using a locale-independent Content ID. To do this, enter the same Content ID for all descriptors that represent the same content, with unique values in the Locale field. This allows BMC Remedy AR System server to localize the descriptors based on the Locale field entry in the descriptor form.
    Category Type or select the category for this descriptor. Categories that you have entered in other Descriptor form records appear on this drop-down menu. Categories provide a level of organization for the descriptor menus. For example, Help Desk form descriptors might be grouped together in a category.
    Label Enter a label for the descriptor. The label appears in the results list when you search the descriptor form, and in the panel selection menu on the layout form.
    Title Enter a title for the descriptor. The title appears in the form selection menu in the customizable home page panel. This is the title that users will see when selecting a form to appear in the panel, so use a name that will clearly identify for the user the information that will appear in the home page panel.
    Form Type or select the form name associated with this descriptor. This is the form that will appear in the home page panel.
    View (Optional) Type the name of the form view to use in the home page panel, if not the Default Admin View.
    Groups Select all groups that have permission to use this descriptor in a home page panel.

    The value in this field should match the locales of the localized views and data supported by any applications installed on the server.

    • If the descriptor is to be used with the default locale of the server, leave this field blank.
    • If the descriptor is to be used in another locale, enter the two-character locale value, such as fr for French.
    • For locales where country-specific locales are supported for the same language, and these are supported consistently across the applications installed, enter the full locale specifier. For example, enter pt_BR for Brazilian Portuguese.

    Select the current status for this descriptor:

    • Active — The descriptor can be used in a home page panel
    • Inactive — The descriptor is not available for use in a home page panel
    • Pending — The descriptor is not available for use in a home page panel and is pending review.

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