This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Creating forms

When planning a form, sketch the layout before you begin creating fields so that you have an idea of the best field location and order. When deciding where to place fields that have menus, text editors, or diary editors associated with them, allow space for the icons that will appear next to the fields. Consider using panels or trim (lines, boxes, or text) to group and label related fields. You can also add color to buttons and text labels. For information about form layout, see Arranging fields in a form view and Opening an object for editing.
Form names must be unique on each BMC Remedy AR System server. Names can contain up to 80 characters (including spaces), but avoid beginning a name with a number. Avoid using a plus sign (plus) sign in the form name to ensure that a URL that contains the form name is not interrupted. Names can include double-byte characters.


When you create forms, users who are logged in to BMC Remedy AR System using a browser will not be able see the new form until you save the form and they log on to their client again.

To create forms

  1. In AR System Navigator, expand serverName > All Objects.
  2. Right-click Forms, and select New formType.
    Depending on the type of form you selected, the following action occurs:
  3. Select File > Save.
  4. In the Save Form As dialog box, enter the name of the new form.


    Avoid characters in a form name that result in an invalid URL when the form is accessed through the mid tier. BMC Remedy Developer Studio warns you if you use one of the invalid characters configured in the Form preferences page. By default, the Invalid Characters for Form Name preference is set to /&#%'".?.

  5. Click OK.

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