This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Creating entry point guides

The following section describes how to define entry point active link guides. Use entry point guides to run complex workflow, for example, to open an application console.
An entry point guide is an active link guide that belongs to the form being opened and the starting active link that opens the form. If you do not plan your active links carefully, unexpected behavior might occur.

For other considerations when creating workflow, see Workflow issues with active links and entry point guides.

To create an entry point guide

  1. Create an Open Window active link that will open the entry point's form and start the entry point guide.
    You can include additional actions, but you must create at least one Open Window action to open the form's window from your entry point.
    For information about creating active links and active link guides, see Creating active links.
  2. Create an active link guide.
    1. Specify the information required in the Associated Forms, Display, and Entry Point panels.
      Here you specify the active link that opens the form (which you created in step 1).
      In the Application List Label field, enter a descriptive label; otherwise, the home page displays the guide name.
    2. Define your permissions.
      Permissions are crucial for determining what groups of users can access your guide.
    3. Add any other active links you want to use that run after the form is opened with the Open Window action you created in step 1.
      These active links run in the window you are opening with the starting active link. Therefore, these active links in their Form Name list must contain all the names of the forms that can be opened in the starting active link action.

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