This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Connection Pool Settings parameters

The following table lists the Connection Pool Settings parameters:

Connection Pool settings



Maximum Connections per Server

The maximum number of proxy connections that a connection pool can contain per server. If the number of existing connections for the requested server does not exceed this value, a connection is allocated to that server. The default value is 80.


This setting is usually not changed from its default value, because it represents a pool of connections and not the number of users who can connect to a BMC Remedy AR System server.

Connection Timeout (Minutes)

The amount of time (in minutes) that the pooled connections exceeding the Idle Connections per Server can be idle before being terminated. This time limit makes sure that active pools routinely clean up their excess idle connections. To prevent any idle pooled connections from terminating before the client shuts down, set this parameter to 0. Whether the Connection Lifespan or Connection Timeout setting is met first determines the number of current idle connections.

Idle Connections per Server

The maximum number of idle connections per server that are not subject to the Connection Timeout. These connections are always available after they are established. The default value is 5. If the Idle Connections per Server is set to 0, then the connection pool will be closed when all connections are closed.

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