This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Configuring the server for debugging workflow

The workflow debugger requires that you create a dedicated private queue called a debug queue. The client initiating the workflow must log on using the debug queue. Other clients do not access this queue, so debugger activity does not interfere with other activity on the server.


The BMC Remedy AR System workflow debugger is intended for use in a development environment. BMC recommends that you do not use it on a production server.

To define a debug queue

  1. log on to BMC Remedy AR System as an administrator, using a browser.
  2. Open the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console, and then select System > General > Server Information.
  3. In the Server Information form, click the Ports and Queues tab.
  4. In the Server Queue area, create a private queue, and select the Yes check box in the Debug Queue column, as shown in the following figure.

    Creating a debug queue

    Make sure to use an RPC Program Number in one of the private queue ranges. For information about private queues, see Private queues. To configure a private queue, see Setting ports and RPC numbers.
  5. Click OK.

This creates an entry like the following in the server configuration file (ar.cfg or ar.conf):

Private-RPC-Socket:  390666   1   1 Debug

You can also create this queue manually by making a similar entry in the server configuration file. If so, you must restart the server to pick up the change.

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