This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Configuring flashboards for server groups

BMC Remedy AR System servers that belong to a server group provide automatic fail-over for its member servers for some operations, such as escalations. Multiple BMC Remedy AR System servers and their associated BMC Remedy Flashboards servers function as one server. Only one BMC Remedy Flashboards server is active at a given time, while the other BMC Remedy Flashboards servers in the server group act as backup servers.

When a computer failure or BMC Remedy AR System failure occurs, the active BMC Remedy Flashboards server on that computer also shuts down. In this case, an associated BMC Remedy AR System server detects the shutdown and activates a backup BMC Remedy Flashboards server in the same group. When the computer becomes active, the BMC Remedy AR System server reactivates the first BMC Remedy Flashboards server and deactivates the backup server.

However, when a BMC Remedy Flashboards server fails on a host on which an BMC Remedy AR System server is still functioning correctly, the BMC Remedy AR System server cannot detect the failure and cannot activate the backup server.

To monitor flashboards servers for server failure

  1. Use the following command: java -jar FlashboardAgent.jar ping -h <serverHostName>
    This command returns a 0 to standard out when the server is functioning correctly, and returns a -1 to standard out if the server fails.
  2. To make sure that the server restarts again, run the server.bat (Windows) or (UNIX) commands.


    If a BMC Remedy Flashboards server and an BMC Remedy AR System server are part of the same group, they must be installed on the same computer.

Setting the port number for a flashboards server in a server group

If the port number (RMIRegistryPort) for flashboards administration in the flashboards server is changed from the default (1099), set the BMC Remedy AR System ar.cfg (ar.conf) file to the same port number.

The syntax is as follows: Server-Group-Flashboards-Admin-Port: 2021.

This enables the server to communicate flashboards administration information to the flashboards server during server group processing.

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