This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Calling AR System API from an ARDBC plug-in

You can make AR System C API calls to the AR System server with a C ARDBC plug-in. In pre-7.0 versions of BMC Remedy AR System, such calls had to be made with a known user account. Now, you can make the calls as the same user whose operation led to the ARDBC plug-in call. This ensures that any call from the ARDBC plug-in has the same permissions as the user who called the ARDBC plug-in.

When a plug-in call is made, AR System server creates a globally unique ID (GUID) to identify the user instance calling the plug-in. The plug-in provides callback routines to fetch the user name, authentication string, and GUID. Subsequently, when a plug-in makes an API call, it uses those callback routines to fetch the information it needs to authenticate itself as the user that made the original call to the plug-in.

The calling plug-in uses the following API calls to set the callback routines for the API to fetch the user name, authentication string, and authenticating GUID:

  • ARSetUserNameSource
  • ARSetAuthStringSource
  • ARSetNativeAuthenticationSource

Pointers to the callback routines are made available to the plug-ins as members of a properties list (ARPropList) passed as an argument to ARDBCPluginSetProperties (if implemented by the plug-in) when the plug-in is loaded. The plug-in must save these pointers and use them later as arguments to API calls. These API calls must be made immediately after the ARIntitialization call before any other API calls.


When using the GUID authentication feature from a plug-in, internal users (such as ESCALATOR and ARCHIVE) encounter errors. The errors occur because these users are not valid users for making API calls.

For more information, see AR System plug-in API functions.

A Java ARDBC plug-in can make AR System Java API calls to the AR System server. Use the ARPluginContext object to create a ARServerUser object. See the Java plug-in server API online documentation located at ARSystemServerInstallDir\ARserver\api\javaplugins\arpluginsdocVerNum.jar.

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