This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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BMC Remedy Email Engine mailboxes

A mailbox is an entry in the AR System Email Mailbox Configuration form that contains the information required to access email from a mail server or to request that email be sent by a mail server. You must configure at least one mailbox to communicate with your mail server to send or receive email.

To send and receive email, you must create and configure outgoing and incoming mailboxes. You can configure them during or after the product installation.

To set up advanced mailbox options (such as default values, parsing, and mailbox security), you can update the configuration as discussed in this section.

Configuration information is stored in forms on the AR System database. For more information about Email Engine forms, see Email Engine forms.

Outgoing mailbox configuration

The Email Engine creates and sends messages based on the configuration options that you specify in the AR System Email Mailbox Configuration form. Outgoing messages can include results from actions specified in incoming messages, such as query or workflow results.

You can also link outgoing mailboxes to incoming mailboxes, to send the results of any actions from a specific incoming mailbox to a specific outgoing mailbox.


To use notifications with email, you must designate one mailbox as your default notification mailbox. For more information, see Sending notifications.

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