This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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BMC Remedy AR System Java API programming model

Consistent with object-oriented design, the BMC Remedy AR System Java API represents BMC Remedy AR System server objects as Java objects. Java classes are defined for forms, fields, menus, active link, filter, escalations, and all other objects in a BMC Remedy AR System application. Entry objects represent entries (requests) so your Java client can manipulate BMC Remedy AR System data as well as definitions. These sections describe the different types of objects and how exceptions are handled:

For more information, see the Java API online documentation HTML files in the ardocVerNum.jar file listed in Contents of the BMC Remedy BMC Remedy AR System Java API installation.

To access the Java API documentation, unzip the ardocVerNum.jar file to create a tree of directories, then open the index.html file to see an overview of the entire BMC Remedy AR System Java API documentation with links to the details. (To unzip a JAR file, use a zip utility the Java jar executable, which is in the bin directory of the Java JRE is installation. For example, jar -xvf ardocVerNum.jar.)

In these file names, the placeholder VerNum represents the version number of the release.

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