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BMC Atrium Orchestrator integration

BMC Atrium Orchestrator (Atrium Orchestrator) enables IT organizations to automate tasks and processes, such as trouble ticketing, fault management, performance monitoring, virtualization management, and so on.

This section describes how to configure BMC Remedy AR System for integration with Atrium Orchestrator. To use the information in this chapter, you should be familiar with creating forms and workflow in BMC Remedy AR System, and you should understand how to use the Set Fields action in a filter or escalation. You must also be familiar with Atrium Orchestrator processes and operations.


To integrate BMC Remedy AR System with Atrium Orchestrator, you must use BMC Atrium Orchestrator 7.5 or later. For a list of the compatible web application servers, see Checking system requirements and supported configurations. For more information about Atrium Orchestrator processes and operations, see your Atrium Orchestrator documentation.

Application developers can integrate AR System applications with Atrium Orchestrator. This integration requires the AR System Web Services plug-in, which uses the Java plug-in server, to be installed with the AR System server. BMC Remedy AR System acts as a consumer of the Atrium Orchestrator web service.

To integrate an AR System application with an Atrium Orchestrator web service, you must complete these two main tasks:

  • Create an entry in the AR System Orchestrator Configuration form. Each entry in this form defines the configuration for a specific Atrium Orchestrator web service.
  • Create workflow to integrate the application with Atrium Orchestrator, including:
    • A form containing the fields that will hold input and output values for data exchanged with Atrium Orchestrator.
    • A filter or escalation associated with this form. The filter or escalation must include one or more Set Fields actions that use the BMC ATRIUM OCHESTRATOR data source.


      The tools you use to create AR System workflow and applications and to create and customize Atrium Orchestrator processes have very similar names. This section describes using Developer Studio to create AR System workflow that integrates with Atrium Orchestrator. Atrium Orchestrator includes the workflow modeling tool Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio (Development Studio). For information about using Developer Studio with BMC Remedy AR System, see Developing an application. For information about using Development Studio with Atrium Orchestrator processes, see the Atrium Orchestrator documentation.

This section contains information about:

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