This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Assigning an RPC program number to DSO

Dedicated (private) remote procedure call (RPC) program numbers are not required by DSO, but you might want to use them in these circumstances:

  • You have a large environment with heavy data traffic.
  • Your environment distributes large amounts of data.

If you dedicate an RPC program number to DSO, it must be one of these:

  • 390600 (administrative queue)
  • 390621 -390634, 390636 -390669, 390680 -390694 (private queue)

The DSO server uses the assigned RPC program number for all communication with the associated BMC Remedy AR System server. You must allocate at least one thread to the server queue associated with the RPC program number.

If you do not assign a dedicated RPC program number to DSO, the fast and list queues process all distributed operations.

For more information about threads and queues, see AR System server multithread architecture.

To assign an RPC program number to DSO on the local BMC Remedy AR System server

  1. Open the AR System Administration: Server Information form for the appropriate BMC Remedy AR System server.
  2. Click the Ports and Queues tab.
  3. Verify that the RPC program number that you want to assign to DSO is listed in the Server Queue table.
    If the number is not listed, add it. (See the Setting ports and RPC numbers)
  4. Click the Connection Settings tab.
  5. On the Connection Settings tab, click the DSO Server tab.
  6. In the DSO Local RPC Program Number field, enter the appropriate RPC program number, and click OK.
  7. To make the change take effect, restart the BMC Remedy AR System server.


    If you reassign the RPC program number while running DSO and then restart the BMC Remedy AR System server, you do not lose any items in the distributed pending queue.

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