This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Additional logging parameters available in debug mode

The following additional logging parameters have valid values in the log entries when you are running the server in debug mode:

  • alloc - The current memory footprint of the process
  • diff- Difference in the process memory size after the following cache events:
    • InitServerCache
    • FreeServerCache
    • CopyServerCache

      This is the difference between the alloc bytes from Begin to Endmarker of the cache event. These parameters are shown in the following log example:

      <THRD> <0 > /* Fri Nov 19 2010 11:06:16.9240 */ InitServerCache Begin: alloc=1673477 bytes
      <THRD> <0 > /* Fri Nov 19 2010 11:18:13.9450 */ InitServerCache End: cacheId=1 rpcCallProc=0 tid=3368, alloc=67673923 bytes, diff=66000446 bytes


      In release mode, or if you are not using Windows, these parameters will have a value of 0.

      Additional logging is provided via the license monitor thread when you are running the server in debug mode. This log entry is useful for debugging memory issues, in conjunction with the API or SQL log to reveal memory spikes. This thread logs the process memory size once every minute as shown in the following log entry:

      <THRD> <0 > /\* Fri Nov 19 2010 11:37:20.8670 */ licenseMonitor: process memory allocated bytes=69257857 bytes
      <THRD> <0 > /* Fri Nov 19 2010 11:38:20.8690 \*/ licenseMonitor: process memory allocated bytes=69343199 bytes

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