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Working with overlays

This section describes how to create, modify, and delete overlays for BMC Remedy AR System server objects. You can work with overlays only in Best Practice Customization mode of BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

To create an overlay

  1. Open BMC Remedy Developer Studio in Best Practice Customization mode.
    For information about changing the development mode, see Changing the development mode.
  2. Open the appropriate object list.
  3. Perform one of the following procedures:
Objects Procedure
  • Active links
  • Active link guides
  • Escalations
  • Filters
  • Filter guides
  • Forms
  • Local applications
  • Deployable applications
  • Menus
  • Packing lists
  • Web services
  1. In the object list, locate and select the object that you want to overlay.
  2. Right-click the object, and select Create Overlay.


    In Best Practice Customization mode, the Create Overlay context menu is disabled for overlays and custom objects.

    If you try to create an overlay of an object that is open in the editor, ARERR 5328 is displayed. Save your changes and close the relevant editor to proceed. The new overlay object is opened in the appropriate editor. BMC Remedy AR System server automatically saves the overlay object and removes the overlaid object from the object list. In the object list and in the object editor's tab, overlapping blue and gray squares are added to the overlay's icon . See Viewing overlays.
  1. Open the form containing the view that you want to overlay.
    The form containing the view must be an overlay. See Guidelines for overlaying forms, views, and fields.
  2. Open the form view that you want to overlay.
  3. Select Form > Create View Overlay.
    Most of the view properties in the Properties tab become available for modification. The form view overlay icon appears on the view's tab. See Viewing overlays.
  4. Right-click the form view, and select Save.
  1. Open the form containing the field that you want to overlay.
  2. In the form editor, right-click the field, and select Create Overlay. Alternatively, right-click the field in the Outline tab, and select Create Overlay. If the view containing the field is not an overlay, some of the following types of field properties become available in the Properties tab: attribute, change history, database, help text, and permissions. If the view containing the field is an overlay and field is added to view overlay, most of the color, display, font, and highlight field properties also become available in the Properties tab.
  3. When prompted to confirm whether to create an overlay of the form, click Yes.


    BMC Remedy Developer Studio creates the form overlay and opens it in the editor. The form overlay is created irrespective of whether or not you save the form after this.

  • To save the field overlay, select File > Save.


    If you close the form without saving it, the field overlay is not created. However, the form overlay still gets created.

For information about creating overlays, see Development modes.

Use the following information to delete or modify overlay objects.

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