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Working with custom objects

You can work with custom objects in the same way that you work with origin BMC Remedy AR System server objects, provided that you are in Best Practice Customization mode of BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

The following table describes the activities that you can perform on custom objects and provides references to the related information.

Activities you can perform on custom objects and the related information

Activity Reference

Creating — Any object that you create in Best Practice Customization mode is treated as a custom object.


To create origin objects, you must use Base Development mode.

For general information about creating objects, see Creating objects.
Renaming — You can rename custom objects without restriction. The only restriction is that you must not suffix the object name with __c. That string is reserved for future use. For general information about renaming objects, see Renaming objects.

Viewing — To view custom objects, open the appropriate object list and select only the Custom filtering option. In object lists, custom objects appear with a black rectangle containing a concentric blue rectangle on their icons. For example, this is the icon of a form overlay:

For custom objects, the following decorator appears in the right bottom corner of the icon:

To identify the following types of custom objects, you can also look for the value "Custom" in the Customization Type column:

  • Active link guides
  • Escalations
  • Filter guides
  • Images
  • Menus
  • Packing lists
  • Web services
See Displaying the Customization Type column in object lists.
Modifying — You can modify custom objects without restriction. However, you should follow BMC guidelines when modifying certain properties. Best Practice Customization mode of BMC Remedy Developer Studio prevents you from making non-permitted modifications to out-of-the-box objects. See Development modes. For general information about modifying objects, see Working with existing objects.
Deleting — You can delete custom objects without restriction. For general information about deleting objects, see Deleting objects.

Use the following information to know more about overlays and origin objects.

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