This documentation applies to the 8.0 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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What's new

Consult the following sections to understand how the BMC Remedy AR System, BMC Remedy Migrator, and BMC Remedy Encryption Security products differ from the previous release and to plan for these differences when you upgrade.



Learn about fixes and updates in the latest service pack or patch for this release.

Find content in the online documentation that was previously provided in PDF format.

Locating PDFs and white papers in the online documentation

Learn about AR System server license check disabled during the upgrade process, and BMC Atrium Integrator installation.

Installation enhancements in version 8.0.00

Identify the user interface changes in BMC Remedy Assignment Engine, updates to panels and panel holders, and enhancements to skins, tables, and reports.

User interface enhancements in version 8.0.00

Learn about approval notifications through email and enhancements in the Approval Central form.

BMC Remedy Approval Server enhancements in version 8.0.00

Understand BMC Remedy Developer Studio enhancements, such as improved BMC Remedy Developer Studio performance, creating a "not in view" field by using the form editor and overlay of a deployable application, converting origin objects to custom objects, and editing out-of-the-box field properties.

BMC Remedy Developer Studio enhancements in version 8.0.00

Learn about displaying a combination of historical and real-time data, new time options for existing flashboards, and enhanced sorting option for flashboards.

BMC Remedy Flashboards enhancements in version 8.0.00

Learn about rich text field (RTF) enhancements such as enhanced RTF formatting, spell checking, enhanced workflow to modify additional RTF field properties, accommodating large images and text without displaying scroll bars, and navigating using bookmarks.

RTF enhancements in version 8.0.00

Get information about configuration changes, enabling Social Collaboration in BMC Remedy AR System, enabling multiple browser sessions in a distributed mid tier environment, BMC Remedy AR System template changes, and expanding and collapsing items in the navigation bar.

Other enhancements in version 8.0.00

Know about the forms that are new or updated in BMC Remedy AR System for the release.

New or updated forms in version 8.0.00

Know about documentation changes such as conversion from PDF to online format and help system changes.

Documentation enhancements in version 8.0.00

Learn about data truncation at field level, splitting logs files, and enhanced migration status update.

BMC Remedy Migrator enhancements in version 8.0.00

Learn about Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) support for Atrium Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration.

BMC Remedy Encryption Security enhancement in version 8.0.00

Identify corrected issues in BMC Remedy AR System, BMC Remedy Migrator and BMC Remedy Encryption Security.

Learn about the discontinuation of BMC Remedy User and BMC Remedy Alert.

Discontinuation of BMC Remedy User client and BMC Remedy Alert

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