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Using the AREntryCounter utility

You can use the AREntryCounter utility to estimate total data size and delta data migration run time. The utility allows you to get the number of entries in the forms that are part of the DDM package. The utility can be run in the following ways:

  • Before delta data migration: You can run it to get the counts for all the forms for the date for which you want to use delta data migration. This gives you an idea of the total amount of data you have in your forms and how long delta data migration might take to migrate that data.
  • After delta data migration: You can run it to get the total counts for all the forms that delta data migration used. You can run it for your source and destination servers separately and compare the counts.

The following table describes the available options:

<options> value


-d <DDM date>

Count entries that were created or modified after a specific date

The <DDM date> format is as follows:

mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss

For example:

06/14/12 11:57:29

-k <package>

Construct the form list from the given Migrator package file

-o <output file>

The output file for the result report

-p <password>

The password for authenticating with the AR System server

-s <server>

The AR System server name

-u <user>

The user name for authenticating with the AR System server

-x <port>

The AR System server port.

Use the following syntax to run the utility for your package files (forms). Make sure to replace the keywords with your Migrator installation path and the server and version information.

Run the utility from the \DeltaDataMigration\Utilities\migratorutilities folder from a command prompt. You must run the counts for each product. The output file is available in the same folder where you ran the Delta Data Migration utility.

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ARCore\<YOUR VERSION>\AR_Core_Package.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "USERNAME" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o AR_counts.txt 

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\Atrium\CMDB\<YOUR VERSION>\AtriumPackage.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "Demo" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o AtriumCMDB_counts.txt 

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\Atrium\AIE\<YOUR VERSION>\AIE_Package.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "Demo" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o AtriumAIE_counts.txt 

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\Atrium\ProductCatalog\<YOUR VERSION>\ProductCatalogpackage.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "Demo" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o AtriumPCT_counts.txt 

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ITSM\<YOUR VERSION>\ITSM_AST_Package.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "Demo" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o Asset_counts.txt 

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ITSM\<YOUR VERSION>\ITSM_Change_Package.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "Demo" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o Change_counts.txt 

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ITSM\<YOUR VERSION>\ITSM_SD_Package.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "Demo" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o ServicDesk_counts.txt 

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ITSM\<YOUR VERSION>\ITSM_Fnd_Package.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "Demo" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o ITSMFoundation_counts.txt 

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\SRM\<YOUR VERSION>\SRM_Package.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "Demo" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o SRM_counts.txt 

AREntryCounter.bat -k "<MigratorInstallationPath>\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\SLM\<YOUR VERSION>\SLM_Package.xml" -d "DDM DATE" -s "SERVERNAME" -u "Demo" -p "PASSWORD" -x PORT -o SLM_counts.txt

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