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Understanding server group naming

For each server group, you define a common server name alias and apply it to each server in the group. This alias identifies the server group in workflow so that the workflow can run correctly on any server in the group. The alias is also used for items such as notification shortcuts and web URLs used in notifications.

You must also define a unique name for each server in the group so that the servers in the group can identify each other and so that you can direct administrative or specialized operations to a specific server. Both the server alias name and the unique names must be able to resolve by DNS.

This documentation assumes that if there is more than one BMC Remedy AR System server pointing to the same database, that work is directed to the individual servers via some automated functionality (such as a hardware or software load balancer), or through manual configuration (such as directing some users to one server and other users to another server). It is also possible that one server is used primarily for users while the other server is used for automations and integrations. In any case, the actual configurations for various settings, such as the server name alias, need to be considered for the specific environments.

Server name alias

All AR System servers in a group must have the same server name parameter. This is specified in the Administration Console as the Server Name Alias field. If your server group uses a load balancer, the common server name parameter should be the same as the short DNS name of the load balancer (which is a name that resolves to the load balancer IP address). Clients can, therefore, be directed to the load balancer by using the server name parameter.


If the server name alias setting is not the same as the load balancer short DNS name, ARTask email attachments generated by the server might not work. When generating an ARTask attachment, the server generates a reference to itself by using the server name parameter with the domain name appended. Clients opening the ARTask will then use the fully qualified domain name to be routed to the server group through the load balancer.

Unique names for each server

Each server in a server group needs a uniquely defined name to identify itself to other servers in the group. Usually this is the host name of the computer where the server is installed.

To identify the unique name for each server in the group, the following line is added to each server's configuration file:

Server-Connect-Name:  <serverName>

DNS must be able to resolve this name, and it is used exactly as specified (that is, no domain name is appended). Each server uses this name to register as a server group member. Other servers in the group use the name when communication between servers is required. In addition, various external server components use the name when connecting to the local server. This name can be specified as either the short name or the fully qualified name.

Server group name

The server group name was used in some earlier releases in relationship to licensing, but it is no longer necessary to set this value. In release 7.5.00 and later, this setting is not used. However, there is still a field for it in the Administration Console. The field can be left blank.

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