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Technical Bulletins

This topic contains information about documentation updates for the BMC Remedy AR System product that are not related to urgent issues, maintenance releases, service packs, or patches.

Added BIRT report documentation

May 13, 2013: Using a BIRT editor to create or modify web reports explains how to use BIRT reporting tools with BMC Remedy Action Request System Web reports.

Added recommendations for configuring FTS on a non-AR System server

March 15, 2013: ARS 81 Configuring FTS on a non-AR System server describes how to configure Full Text Search on a non-AR System server.

Added recommendations for performance benchmarking BMC Remedy applications

December 7, 2012: Performance benchmarking BMC Remedy applications provides recommendations for benchmarking performance with BMC BSM products, batch processing of BMC Atrium CMDB, and a mixed benchmark of online and batch. 

Added recommendations for performance tuning for BSM

December 5, 2012: Performance tuning for BSM provides recommendations for tuning the mid tier, AR System server, database server, and your overall system.

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