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SNMP configuration files


For information about configuring BMC Remedy SNMP Agent during installation, see the Installing and Upgrading sections.

BMC Remedy SNMP Agent was built using the Net-SNMP toolkit (version 5.0.7). This section describes a subset of the more user-friendly and commonly used configuration options provided by the Net-SNMP toolkit. For information about additional configuration directives and options, see the Net-SNMP website at

BMC Remedy SNMP Agent uses the following configuration files:

Configuration file Location Purpose

(Windows) arsnmpd.cfg

(UNIX) arsnmpd.conf

(Windows) ARSystemServerInstallDir\conf
(UNIX) /usr/ar/ARSystemName/conf
Stores system information, access control information, and trap settings
(Windows) snmpd.conf
(UNIX) snmpd.conf
(Windows) ARSystemServerInstallDir\conf
(UNIX) /usr/ar/ARSystemName/conf
Stores engine ID, number of BMC Remedy SNMP Agent reboots, and SNMP v3 user account information
(Windows) armonitor.cfg
(UNIX) armonitor.conf
(Windows) ARSystemServerInstallDir\conf
(UNIX) /etc/arsystem/serverName
Enables BMC Remedy SNMP Agent to monitor BMC Remedy AR System and to be started by armonitor

BMC Remedy SNMP Agent uses the information in the arsnmpd and snmpd configuration files to initialize when the agent starts; therefore, you must restart BMC Remedy SNMP Agent after you make changes to the configuration files. In addition, you must restart BMC Remedy AR System if you make changes to the armonitor configuration file.


If you perform an SNMP set operation to change the value of versionUpdateConfig.0 (. to 1, BMC Remedy SNMP Agent rereads the arsnmpd.cfg (arsnmpd.conf) file, so you do not need to restart BMC Remedy SNMP Agent.

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