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Sending traps to clients

A trap is an asynchronous message that BMC Remedy SNMP Agent sends to clients when specific events occur. The agent can be configured to send traps to a trap receiver (such as a network management station) when the state of BMC Remedy AR System, specifically the armonitor process (or any BMC Remedy AR System process, such as AR System server, AR System plug-in server, DSO, or Email Engine) changes. You can add a list of trap receivers (clients that receive traps) to the arsnmpd.cfg file.

BMC Remedy SNMP Agents supports the following trap types:

  • coldstart — Sent when the agent starts
  • authentication failure — Sent when a bad community string is supplied with an SNMP request. This type of trap is supported only by SNMP versions 1 and 2c and must be enabled in the arsnmpd.cfg file.
  • arsStateChange — A Remedy enterprise-specific trap type, sent when a change of state occurs for any of the following AR System processes: AR monitor, AR System server, AR System plug-in server, BMC Remedy Email Engine, or DSO

Each trap contains the following information:

  • Name of the process that changes state (for example, AR System plug-in server)
  • Name of the AR System server associated with the process
  • State of the process (active = 1, inactive = 2)
    When a monitored AR System process changes state from running to down, the trap contains a value of 2 for arsState. When the process resumes, the trap contains a value of 1 for arsState.


    BMC Remedy SNMP Agent continues to run even if the processes it monitors are not running.

    For more information about configuring traps in the arsnmpd configuration file, see Sending messages when unexpected events occur.

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