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Sending alerts to a filter API plug-in

You can send alerts to a filter-API plug-in.

To write a plug-in to send alerts

  1. Write a filter API plug-in
    Make sure that the AR System server sends the following parameters to the filter API plug-in:
    • User
    • Entry ID
    • Alert Text
    • Plug-in values
    • Encrypted plug-in values
      The plug-in must handle data coming through plug-in values and encrypted plug-in values.
  2. Configure the ar.cfg (ar.conf) file to indicate the plug-in server where this plug-in will be loaded.
  3. Configure the pluginsvr_config.xml file to load the plug-in.
  4. Add an entry into the AR System Alert Delivery Registration form for this new plug-in. (The entry here defines a user-friendly name for the plugin.)
  5. When adding an entry into the AR System Alert User Registration form for a user, select this plug-in as the Plugin Name.
    When the Notify (Alert) filter is executed for this user, the plug-in receives the data.

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