This documentation applies to the 8.0 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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RTF enhancements in version 8.0.00

This topic provides information about the following rich text field (RTF) enhancements and new features.

Enhanced workflow to modify additional RTF field properties

BMC Remedy AR System 8.0.00 supports modifying the following additional RTF properties at run time by using the Change Field action in active links:

  • Expand Box
  • Menu Box
  • Borders

For more information, see Change Field action.

RTF fields can grow horizontally and vertically without scroll bars

BMC Remedy Action Request System 8.0.00 provides viewing of images and large amounts of text in an RTF field without attaching scroll bars to every RTF field in the panel. Scroll bars appear on the panel that holds the RTF fields instead. You enable this functionality by setting the Custom CSS display property in the RTF field to RTFPanel. Also, the RTF fields must be in a panel with flow layout.

If the contents of the RTF field exceed the specified limit, scroll bars appear in the RTF field itself.

For more information, see Enabling dynamic resizing of RTF fields.

Enhanced RTF formatting

Beginning with BMC Remedy AR System 8.0.00, you can use the following formatting options, which enable you to enhance the RTF field by presenting information in a variety of formats:

  • Expandable section — You can now add an expandable section to provide additional information when users expand the section header. Expandable sections contain an information header with hidden detail information.
  • Horizontal line — You can add a horizontal line to help differentiate sections in your RTF field.
  • Special characters — You can insert special characters that cannot be typed in from a keyboard, such as the trademark symbol and common fractions.
  • Strike through — You can also select the strike through character option.


    You cannot use the strike through and underline character options together.

  • Cut, copy, and paste — You can now cut, copy, and paste selected text to and from the clipboard.

For more information about these formatting options, see RTF functions.

Ability to check for spelling errors in RTF

Beginning with BMC Remedy AR System 8.0.00, you can use the Spell Checker to check for spelling errors in RTF. You can also update the Spell Checker dictionary by adding or modifying existing dictionary files.

For more information about the Spell Checker feature, see Using the spell checker in the RTF.

Ability to navigate by using bookmarks

BMC Remedy AR System 8.0.00 supports navigation by using bookmarks (for example, bookmarks in the BMC Remedy Knowledge Management application). You can click the bookmarks and navigate to the associated field, text, or page.

For more information, see Navigating by using bookmarks.

Change in behavior for URLs in RTF fields

In earlier releases, if an image was added to an RTF field accessible through a URL and you did not select the Open in a new window check box, the web page occupied the RTF field when you clicked the image. You could not see the text that was in the field.

Beginning with BMC Remedy AR System 8.0.00, if you add an image accessible through a URL to an RTF field and do not select the Open in a new window check box, the web page opens in the current browser, not inside the RTF field.

For more information, see Configuring an image for a character field.

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