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Re-indexing considerations

Most of the time, you should not have to rebuild your FTS indexes because the AR System server periodically optimizes them after BMC Remedy AR System requests are added, changed, or deleted. Some exceptions are:

  • If you change your Ignore Words List, you must rebuild the FTS indexes (re-index). See How FTS indexing works.
  • If you change the Case Sensitivity setting, you must rebuild the FTS indexes, and the re-indexing is started automatically when the change is saved.
  • Updates to entries for join, vendor, and view form types are not always generated in the same manner as regular forms. See Scheduling scans for updates.

To rebuild the index for a specific field, you must clear the field for indexing on the Database Properties tab of the Field Properties window, save the change, reselect the field for indexing, and save the change.


After upgrading FTS, you must re-index FTS to complete the FTS index upgrade process.

To re-index FTS

  1. Open the AR System Administration: Server Information form.
  2. Click the FTS tab.
  3. Select the Reindex check box.
  4. Click OK.

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