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Push Fields action and structures

While the Set Fields action sets the value of a field in the current schema, the Push Fields action modifies or submits entries in any schema. When Push Fields is used in an active link, the schema can be on any server. In the following figure, the ARPushFieldsList structure is a list of ARPushFieldsStruct items. Each item contains an ARAssignFieldStruct structure that specifies the field to update and an ARAssignStruct structure that specifies the value to push to the field. These data structures are also used in Set Fields actions.


To force a Push Fields action to perform a submit, set the Qualifier to AR_COND_OP_NONE, the No Match option to AR_NO_MATCH_SUBMIT, and the Multiple Match option to AR_MULTI_MATCH_NO_ACTION.

Structures used to define a Push Fields action

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