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Planning a server group installation

When using server groups, there are many things to decide, and it is important to map everything out ahead of time.

  • How many servers do you plan to use?
  • Which applications and components will run on which servers?
  • What database type are you using?
  • What hardware do you need to support the servers?
  • What type of network connection and communication is needed?
  • Will you be using a load balancer?
  • Are the servers at the same geographic location?
  • Are you going to use the Distributed Server Option (DSO)?
  • Do you have a staging and testing environment?
  • If you will be using FTS, do you have access to a shard file system and the necessary permissions configured?

Answer these questions before starting a server group setup. Additionally, create a list of licenses that will be needed for all products, including the AR System server licenses.

After you have answered these questions and license issues, continue to the following topics for server group planning:

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