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Performance benchmarking BMC Remedy applications

This section provides recommendations for benchmarking the performance of single user and online multi-user loads with BMC Business Service Management products, batch processing of BMC Atrium CMDB, and a mixed benchmark of online and batch. This section also provides benchmarking checklists and includes recommendations for designing test scenarios, data, and workload in a manageable test environment, scoping project schedules, executing tests, and interpreting results.

This topic includes the following information:

Performance benchmarking overview

Information technology (IT) organizations face the challenge of managing complex environments while delivering top-notch service. Their environments must function at high performance levels and handle extreme loads during peak periods. Performance benchmarking helps IT organizations meet this challenge by providing the following benefits:

  • Validates customer environments before going live
  • Reduces risk
  • Improves efficiency
  • Improves cost effectiveness
  • Improves the end-user experience

BMC Software conducts benchmarking for major releases using a standard set of transaction mix and synthetic data. BMC recommends that customers conduct their own benchmarking. Each customer environment can vary in terms of hardware, network infrastructure, operating system and platform versions, customizations, integrations, data volume and distribution, and system usage. Benchmarking provides the following:

  • Establishes a performance baseline
  • Evaluates the capacity of the system for current or future workload
  • Identifies performance issues and bottlenecks

Recommended tools

BMC recommends and uses the following testing tools:

  • Microfocus SilkPerformer — an online load testing tool
  • HTTPWatch — an online end user response tool

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