This documentation applies to the 8.0 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Monitoring BMC Remedy AR System

You can use BMC Remedy SNMP Agent to monitor BMC Remedy AR System, to check the state of BMC Remedy AR System, and to send traps (notifications) when the status of any BMC Remedy AR System process changes.

You can also configure BMC Remedy SNMP Agent to monitor AR System server statistics, AR System state, and select MIB-II data.

Monitoring BMC Remedy AR System server statistics

The statistical operations that the agent monitors are the same statistics that are available in the Server Statistics form. For more information about these statistics, see Troubleshooting.

Monitoring the BMC Remedy AR System state

BMC Remedy SNMP Agent monitors the state of BMC Remedy AR System (up or down) by using the managed object arsState ( The current value of arsState is used to indicate the current state of AR System. When queried, a value of 1 indicates that AR System is running; a value of 2 indicates that AR System is down.

The managed object arsState is also writable, so the value of arsState can be changed by an SNMP set operation (provided the proper user name or community string is supplied). Changing the value of arsState from 1 to 2 instructs BMC Remedy SNMP Agent to stop AR System. Changing the value of arsState from 2 to 1 instructs the agent to start AR System.

BMC Remedy SNMP Agent can monitor the following BMC Remedy AR System processes:

  • BMC Remedy AR System server
  • BMC Remedy AR System plug-in
  • BMC Remedy Email Engine
  • BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option (DSO)
  • BMC Remedy AR Monitor

If any of these process changes its state (for example, if a process becomes inactive), the agent sends a trap (or a notification) to a trap receiver.

Monitoring MIB-II

BMC Remedy AR System supports the following objects in MIB-II:

  • System data (for example, system description and system location)
  • SNMP data and statistics

To query other objects, such as IP traffic or TCP traffic, use the SNMP agent included with your operating system. Managed objects in these sections of MIB-II are not supported by BMC Remedy SNMP Agent.

Monitoring Remedy MIB

The Remedy MIB file (Remedy-ARS-MIB.txt) defines all the objects managed by BMC Remedy SNMP Agent and is necessary for querying Remedy specific objects by name from your SNMP client.

The Remedy-ARS-MIB.txt file currently defines only BMC Remedy AR System controls, statistics, and traps. However, as it is designed for extensibility, other branches in the Remedy-ARS-MIB.txt file are reserved for future use.

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