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Methods for customizing style sheets in BMC Remedy AR System

The following methods are recommended for customizing your style sheets in BMC Remedy AR System:

  • To customize styles for all applications and forms in a mid tier, modify the .css files that are installed with BMC Remedy AR System, described in Default style sheets provided with AR System server. By default, these files are stored in the Resources directory on your local computer.
    Back up the original files and make a copy of your changes when using this method. If you need to restore an original .css file, restart the web server to apply the restored file.
  • To customize styles for a specific application, add a CSS file to that application as a support file. You can make a separate copy of one of the installed CSS files, such as ARSystem.css, or create and associate your own style sheet. See Using customized style sheets.
  • To customize styles for a specific form, create a CSS file and then add a link to the style sheet in the Web Header Content form property. See Associating a style sheet to a specific form only.

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