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Making applications licensable

ISVs use the following procedure to make their applications licensable. In this scenario, the MusicManager application contains three forms, but you want to make only one of them (MusicManager Songs) user licensable.


Licensing mode is a one-way operation. After an application is made licensable, the process cannot be reversed, even by the ISV. In addition, after an application is user licensed and the forms are checked, the forms cannot be unchecked and you cannot revert to licensing or nonlicensing of the application. Export copies of these forms before you license the application so that you can recover the forms if you need to change licensing levels later on.

To configure your applications to make them licensable

  1. Select Application > License Application.

    Application Licensing dialog box
  2. From the Licensing Mode menu, select one of the following options:



    Do not license this application

    Application is not licensed. Typically, you use this default option if you do not intend to sell this application or if the application is for internal use only.

    License this application

    Entire application is licensed. An application license must be added to the Add or Remove Licenses form for users to access the form data in the application.

    Enable user licensing of this application and forms

    Specific forms in the applications can be made user-licensable. You decide which forms to make licensable. Users must obtain a user license to create, modify, merge, or delete form data. These licenses can be fixed, floating, or read.


    Users have read license permission if they are not assigned fixed or floating licenses.

    By choosing which forms in your application to make user-licensable, you can customize the user licensability of your application.

  3. In the Product Name field, enter the application license string, or in this scenario, XYZ:MusicManager.
  4. If you enable user licensing for the application and its forms, perform one of these actions:
    • Click inside the User Licensable list adjacent to the form you want to license, then select Yes or No. Repeat for other forms.
    • To license all forms in your application, click Select All.
    • To clear all forms from the User Licensable list, click Clear All.
      This step is optional for applications and is needed only to make forms in your application user licensable.
  5. Click OK.

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