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Locking objects

Object locking allows application developers to protect BMC Remedy AR System server objects. Locking objects prevents the modification and optionally the viewing of server objects that are neither intended nor designed to be customized. BMC Remedy AR System developers who resell their applications will find this feature especially helpful. (For more information, see Levels of object locking.)

To create a locked object, you use the export definition mechanism, not the export deployable application mechanism. For more information, see Locking objects when exporting.


After you lock an object, it cannot be unlocked, even if you know its lock key. Keep unlocked, backup copies of your objects.

In general, it is best to lock objects when you are ready to release your application. This practice prevents customers, but not fellow developers, from modifying or viewing the workflow. However, distributing locked objects prevents other developers from modifying or viewing them.

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