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Introducing templates

Templates are a method of formatting text dynamically for presentation in BMC Remedy AR System server. A template is suitable for dynamically creating an HTML document to be displayed in a view field or tool tip created by a Message action. When the template is evaluated at runtime, values are substituted for parameters in the template either using workflow or references to fields on the form.

A template consists of text with parameters that are replaced with values when the template is used for rendering. Usually, the result of processing the template is a complete HTML document, starting and ending with the <html> and <body> tags, or a snippet of HTML to be inserted in a document, such as, a group of table rows.


Ensure that your HTML template is standards mode compliant.

BMC Remedy AR System server template supports two ways of rendering HTML pages:

  • HTML document templates
  • Inline template

For more information about templates, see the following sections:

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