This documentation applies to the 8.0 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Installation enhancements in version 8.0.00

The following topics provide information about the enhancements in the installation program.

License check disabled during an AR System server upgrade

The automatic AR System server license checks that are performed by the installer can prevent an upgrade from completing successfully. This issue occurs when the installer attempts to create several new records in the database before a new license is installed, and the license check prevents new records from being created without a valid license. To resolve this issue, the AR System server license checks have been disabled during the upgrade process on Microsoft Windows and Oracle Solaris operating systems.

BMC Atrium Integrator installation

The BMC Remedy ITSM Suite installation program automatically installs the new BMC Atrium Integrator components: BMC Atrium Integrator Engine and BMC Atrium Integrator adapter for BMC Remedy AR System.

BMC Atrium Integrator provides a single method of importing and exporting data to and from BMC Remedy AR System and the ITSM Suite. It supports the ability to import and export data from multiple types of data sources. Because the BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon client is a stand-alone application for designing and executing data transformations and jobs, you can optionally install it on the AR System server or install it separately on any other client system.

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