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Editing fields with rich text formatting

If a field has a rich-text-formatting (RTF) icon ( ) next to it, you can format the text in the field. RTF allows extensive formatting options, including font color and size. You can also create lists, align text, and use special characters. For example, you might want to make text bold or italic, or you might want to center the text.

Click the button to open a dialog box that contains more RTF functions.

RTF dialog box

(Click the image to expand it.)

If RTF within the field is enabled, a reduced set of RTF functions appear when you click in the field.

RTF functions in a field

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Here are some tips for working in the RTF dialog box:

  • To enable the buttons in the dialog box, type some text or select existing text. Then, you can format the selected text.
  • To undo all of the text you entered and formatted in the RTF dialog box, click Cancel or press the ESC key.
  • To view text or images in the RTF field without the scroll bars, set the Custom CSS display property of the RTF field as RTFPanel. Scroll bars appear on the panel that holds the RTF fields. If the content size exceeds the maximum limits as specified in the display property of the RTF field, scroll bars appear on the RTF field itself. See Creating and managing fields in the Developing the application interface section.


The RTF options provide a way for you to apply some basic styling of text and to include images with their text. The options do not provide the level of functionality of a desktop-based word processor such as Microsoft Word. Functionality will vary among browsers. Apple Safari browsers support the fewest number of features.

The following topics provide information about working with RTF fields:

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