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Configuring Agents

Depending on how heavy your workload is, you might need additional SilkPerformer agents to offload the workload so that your SilkPerformer systems do not block your performance testing. To determine whether you need agents, look at CPU and memory use on your current SilkPerformer system. If CPU use is constantly above 70%, you should use agents. The SilkPerformer main driver system (called a controller) collects statistics from the agents and could also generate load. The agents only generate load.

Only SilkPerformer Agent, not the full SilkPerformer application, needs to be installed on agent computers. However, if they already have the full application installed, that can still work as an agent.


For agents to recognize each other, they need the same version of SilkPerformer.

For more information, search for "agent" in the SilkPerformer Help.

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