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Configuring a private queue for the Assignment Engine

To configure a private queue, add the following entries in the ar.cfg file (or configure the following properties in ar.cfg file):




Configures an RPC socket on the given port number.

Private-RPC-Socket: <portNumber> <minThreads> <maxThreads>

For example, Private-RPC-Socket:390633 1 2 This property configures a private socket on an empty port, with the minimum and maximum threads.


Establishes a private queue between the Assignment Engine and the AR System server, thus improving the Assignment Engine performance.

AE-RPC-Socket: <portNumber>

For example, AE-RPC-Socket:390633.


After this connection is established, all communication between the AR System server and Assignment Engine will proceed through this channel.


After you configure these properties, you must restart the server for the changes to take effect.

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