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Completing an upgrade from version 7.6.03 on a DB2 database

After upgrading from BMC Remedy AR System 7.6.03 on a DB2 database, some views may be inoperable. To remedy this issue, run the FixDb2InOperableviews utility to repair the inoperable views.

To run the FixDb2InOperableviews utility

  1. Copy the file from
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. At a command prompt, navigate to extracted folder .\artools80_build001\artools.
  4. Make sure that JAVA_HOME environment variable is set in the command prompt.
  5. Run the fixdb2inoperableviews.bat command.
  6. Select the mode to run: Command (1) or Interactive (2).
  7. Enter the appropriate options.

The options are as follows:


Value type




User name. (This field is required.)



Password of the user. (This field is required.)



Server name on which BMC Remedy AR System is installed and the application is deployed. (This field is required.)



Authentication string used for user validation.



Port number on which BMC Remedy AR System is communicating.



RPC queue number if you want to use a private RPC queue for the API.



AR API timeout values in seconds. The format is Medium:Long:XLong, for example:




Output file name for a logging file.

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