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Certificate databases introduction

BMC Remedy AR System uses the Mozilla LDAP C SDK libraries to enable the AREA and ARDBC LDAP plug-ins to establish SSL connections with LDAP servers for login authentication, as shown in the runtime architecture diagram below. NSS requires that the LDAP server's certification authority (CA) certificate reside in a certificate database.

Configure certutil to generate:

  • New certificate databases
  • Certificate lists from the database
  • Certificate database additions


NSS 3.11.4 shared libraries are backward compatible with all older NSS 3.x shared libraries.

When LDAP plug-ins that use SSL connections are configured, the cert8.db file should be configured to trust the certificate of the LDAP server and specify the directory that contains the certificate database. To start you must build certutil.

Runtime architecture

To build the certutil utility for NSS 3.11.4

  1. Browse and download the binary files for your operating system to a temporary location:
  2. Extract the OPT release build file into a directory on the AR System server called c:\nss-3.11.4.
  3. Follow build instructions here:
  4. For troubleshooting your build, go here:

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