This documentation applies to the 8.0 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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BMC Remedy Migrator error messages

This section contains error messages that are specific to BMC Remedy Migrator. It includes the number associated with each error, a description of the error message, and, where available, troubleshooting suggestions.

When an error does not apply specifically to BMC Remedy Migrator, Migrator uses the same error messages as BMC Remedy AR System.


BMC Remedy Migrator and BMC Remedy AR System use different error message numbering systems. Hence, a Migrator error message and an BMC Remedy AR System error message that have the same number are not related.

If an error persists, contact Customer Support.

In BMC Remedy Migrator, error messages are classified according to the following types:

BMC Remedy Migrator message ranges

Start End Error type
1000 1999 Cache
2000 2999


3000 3099


3100 3199 Menu migration
3200 3299 Active link migration
3300 3399 Filter migration
3400 3499

Escalation migration

3500 3599

Container migration

3600 3699 Group migration
3700 3799 Field migration
3800 3899 Form migration
3900 3999 View migration
4000 4099

Distributed mapping migration

4100 4199 Data migration
4200 4299 Support file migration
4300 4399 Distributed pool migration
4400 4499 Flashboard variable migration
4500 4599

Flashboard data source migration

4600 4699 Flashboard migration
4700 4799

Flashboard alarm migration

4800 4899

Backup migration

4900 4999

Role migration

5000 5099

Application state migration

5100 5199

Locked object migration

5200 5299

Plug-in module

5300 5399 Plug-in definition
5400 5499

Image migration

6000 6299 Source code control and object reservation
7000 9000


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