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BMC Remedy Migrator enhancements in version 8.0.00

This topic provides information about the following enhancements and new features in BMC Remedy Migrator:

Ability to truncate specified field data

In earlier releases, data truncation was supported at the form level. Beginning with version 8.0.00, BMC Remedy Migrator supports data truncation at the field level.

For more information, see Truncating data on forms.

Ability to split log files

When you migrate, compare, or delete a large amount of data, BMC Remedy Migrator generates a large output file. When the file exceeds the operating system limit (for example, 2 GB on Microsoft Windows), the file becomes corrupted and unusable.

Beginning with version 8.0.00, you can specify a file size limit to split the logs files. When the log file reaches the specified size, BMC Remedy Migrator creates a new file automatically.

For more information, see BMC Remedy Migrator Log files overview.

Enhanced migration status update

In earlier releases, migration status was updated in the instruction file only after the migration process of all the forms listed in the instruction file was completed. Beginning with version 8.0.00, BMC Remedy Migrator updates the migration status after the migration process for each form is completed. If a form record fails to migrate, BMC Remedy Migrator updates the completed status with errors, but provides the accurate status for the remaining forms. As a result, you get up-to-date migration status even if failure occurs during the migration process or if the migration is interrupted manually. See Examples of CLI migration commands.

Difference report lists the fields added to a view overlay

Beginning with version 8.0.00, BMC Remedy Migrator also lists fields whose display properties are changed using the Add Field to View Overlay menu option. The difference report for the overlay form shows the changed display properties of the field as comma separated values in the Changed Field List. Changes to the display properties of a field added to a view overlay is supported by all types of comparison in the BMC Remedy Migrator.

For more information about the Add Field to View Overlay option, see Adding fields to view overlays.

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