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BMC Remedy Flashboards enhancements in version 8.0.00

This topic provides information about the following BMC Remedy Flashboards enhancements and new features.

Displaying historical and real-time data in a single flashboard

In earlier releases, BMC Remedy Flashboards could display only real-time, historical, or summary data at one time. In this release, BMC Remedy Flashboards can display a combination of historical and real-time data. The historical data is queried from the FB: History form, and the real-time data is queried from the form on which the flashboard is built. Both the results are shown in a single chart.

For example, if a flashboard displays weekly data and is run midweek, it displays the historical data until last week and performs a query for current data until the current midweek time. It then displays the results of that query after the historical data.


The query results for the current data are not stored with the historical data and are not displayed in subsequent flashboards.

For more information, see Adding graphics to an application with flashboards.

New time options for existing flashboards

In earlier releases, the time option in BMC Remedy Flashboards was available only when the display type was Real Time. In this release, the time option is available for all the display types — Real Time, History, Summary, and History and Real Time.

The Time Frame field values, used for creating a flashboard, have also been enhanced. The following new values have been added:

  • Last Week
  • This Week
  • Next Week
  • Next Month

New values have also been added for the customTimeFormat time parameter.

A new parameter, timeView, has been introduced. You can use this parameter only when you have selected Custom for the timeFrame parameter. This new parameter has the following values:

  • Seconds
  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Years
  • Quarter

For more information, see Creating flashboards.

Enhanced sorting option for flashboards

In earlier releases, you could sort flashboards based on the labels that were specified for the charts. In this release, you can sort flashboards based on the values that are specified for each data point and display the resulting data.

The following types of sorting are supported:

  • Sort by numbers
  • Sort by the specific value of an attribute

The following new parameters have been added for sorting flashboards:

  • sortType
  • sortOrder
  • sortAttribute
  • sortIsAttributeEnum

For more information, see Sorting flashboards.

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