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BMC Remedy Developer Studio enhancements in version 8.0.00

This topic provides information about the following BMC Remedy Developer Studio enhancements and new features.

Enhancements to BMC Remedy Developer Studio performance

Some updates have been made to improve the performance of BMC Remedy Developer Studio during the following actions:

  • Loading the object list of the active link guide
  • Expanding all panels in the workflow and guide editors
  • Switching between views
  • Selecting multiple fields on a form

Expanding and collapsing items in the navigation bar

When you open a form with a vertical navigation bar field with traditional navigation bar items, all the items are initially collapsed. In this release of BMC Remedy AR System, you can expand or collapse all the items of the navigation bar field simultaneously; that is, you do not have to click all the nodes individually to search for the required node.


This feature is supported for traditional navigation bar items only.

For this enhancement, a new PERFORM-ACTION-NAV-FIELD-SET-SELECTED-ITEM command has been introduced. For more information, see Expanding and collapsing items in the navigation bar.

The Gain Focus and Lose Focus options have also been modified for column fields for cell-based and list-view tables.

For more information, see Interaction of active links with guides.

Naming custom objects

When you create new objects, such as forms or fields in the Best Practice Customization mode, BMC Remedy Developer Studio now appends the __c string to the default name of the object. For example:

  • Default Administrator View__c
  • Character Field__c

For more information, see Custom objects overview.

Ability to create a "not in form view" field using the form editor

In earlier versions, you could create a not in form view field by using the Outline view. From this release, you can create a not in form view field by using the form editor.

For more information about how to create this field using the editor, see Creating fields that are not in form view.

Ability to copy BMC Remedy AR System elements

BMC Remedy Developer Studio supports copy and paste options to reuse elements in workflow objects and container objects. Using the workflow editor or the Outline tab, you can copy a workflow object and paste it in another workflow. From a workflow object, you can copy workflow elements area, such as Associated Forms and Execution Options, or individual actions, such as Push Fields and Change Fields.

For more information, see Saving and copying workflow objects.

Ability to add and remove specific fields from a view overlay

In the earlier release, all fields in a form were added to the view overlay and were editable when you created a view overlay. This behavior masked even the base fields from any upgrades or hotfix. Beginning with this release, you can use the Add Field to View Overlay menu to modify the display properties of only those fields that need customization. The other fields in the view retain their base properties. When you apply a hotfix or upgrade, the non-customized fields in the view inherit the display properties from the base form.

For more information, see Introduction to view overlays.

Ability to convert custom objects and origin objects

You can convert origin objects that support overlays — such as forms, active link guides, filter guides, views, and fields — to custom objects. Also, you can convert multiple objects to custom or origin objects at the same time.

BMC Remedy Developer Studio also supports conversion of custom or origin fields and views to origin or custom.

For more information, see Converting origin objects to custom objects.

Ability to create an overlay of a deployable application

You can create an overlay of a deployable application. You can also create a custom deployable application by using the Best Practice Customization mode of BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

For more information, see Working with overlays.

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  1. Emrah Ozbekar

    Why don't you add a feature of multiple filters in object windows such as filtering active links by both primary form and name simultaneously. if i need to be more clear, i'd like to filter workflow objects with more than one qualification and combine them with AND/OR/NOT operators.

    Sep 21, 2012 01:38
    1. Gregg Kitagawa

      Hi Emrah. We appreciate your feedback on Developer Studio. Customer Support can enter a request for a product enhancement on your behalf. To contact Customer Support with your feedback, click here.

      Sep 22, 2012 01:25
    1. Kerry Murdock

      That would be brilliant - please please raise that as an enhancement.

      Sep 26, 2012 04:35
      1. Gregg Kitagawa

        Hi Kerry. You can also forward your thoughts on that enhancement request to Customer Support.

        Sep 26, 2012 11:09
  2. Luiz Junior

    Onde está a melhoria para compartilhar campos em uma "Page Holder", que conforme "Introduction to Application Development 7.6.04": ==> Display the same field in all pages in a page holder.

    In Developer Studio: Select the panel holder and click the ellipsis (...) button in the Shared Fields property to open the Shared Fields dialog box. You can only view shared fields created by BMC Remedy Administrator. You cannot share fields by using BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

    In Remedy Administrator: Select the field in the Shared Fields tab of the page holder field properties dialog box.

    Jan 10, 2013 05:00
    1. Gregg Kitagawa

      Hi Luiz. Thanks for your feedback on the documentation.

      I ran the first part of the first paragraph through a translator for Portuguese to English, and the output was:

      Where is the improvement to share fields in a "Page Holder", as "Introduction to Application Development 7.6.04"

      Is that correct?

      Jan 10, 2013 10:06