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BMC Remedy Approval Server enhancements in version 8.0.00

This topic provides information about the following BMC Remedy Approval Server enhancements and new features.

Approval notification through email

For every new approval request, an email notification can be sent to the approvers of the request. This notification contains configurable details of the request, such as the Request ID, Description, and Submitter. This notification also contains the following hyperlinks:

  • Approve — To approve a request
  • Reject — To reject a request
  • Hold — To keep the request on hold
  • Go to Approval Central — To open Approval Central with the new request highlighted to view detailed information about the request

The first three hyperlinks create an appropriate reply email message that contains details about the request entry. You can verify the information and send this reply for completion of the action to BMC Remedy Approval Server. If you click the Reject hyperlink, you can provide a justification for rejection in the reply.


The reply email message contains comments about what you should change before sending the message.

To approve the notifications through email, you must perform certain procedures. For more information, see Approval notification through email.

Approval Central enhancements

This section describes the enhancements and new features in Approval Central. For more information about these enhancements and features, see Approval Central.

Tooltip configuration for applications

The AP:Form now contains a ToolTip configuration tab that enables process administrators to define tooltip mappings for a request form at the application level. The values from the mapped fields are displayed in a tooltip that appears when you hover the mouse pointer on the summary column of the request on Approval Central.

New quick search

You can now use the quick search functionality to search through approval requests based on the request status. When you select a value for the status, the Search Results table is refreshed. You can also use a search string to filter your search results further.

Request Details area

Approval Central now has a Request Details area that displays all the data related to an approval request.

More Information area

Approval Central now has a More Information area that you can use to add questions or comments for a particular request.

New options

You can now use any of the following row-level icons to act on individual requests:

  • Approve
  • Reject
  • Hold
  • Reassign
  • Approval Details
  • View Questions and Responses


When you approve, reject, or hold a request, the status of the selected request changes in the database. These modified requests continue to appear until the table is refreshed, or until you navigate to another page or link.

Other UI changes

The following additional UI changes have been made:

  • The following hyperlinks, labels, and buttons on Approval Central have been renamed:

    Old name

    New name

    Approval Tasks


    Action Menu


    My Recent History

    My Approval History


    Approve Selected


    Reject Selected


    Hold Selected

  • The Activity Log under Approval Request Summary has been moved to the Request Details area.
  • The Reassign and View Details action buttons have been moved to row-level icons.
  • The Select All and Deselect All action buttons have been replaced by a single check box with the same functionality.

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