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Assignment process flow

The assignment process flow is as follows:

  1. The BMC Remedy AR System client sends a request along with an application command.This command tells the Assignment Engine which process should be run to perform auto assignment.
  2. Assignment Engine starts the process.
  3. If a rule returns a set of assignees, Assignment Engine skips the execution of the remaining rules defined in the process, and starts applying the assignment method. However, if a rule does not return a set of assignees, Assignment Engine runs the next rule in the process.
  4. Using the assignment method, Assignment Engine identifies a single assignee and the request is assigned.
  5. After the request is assigned, the assignee record is updated, and the assignment process is successful. This record consists of the last assigned request time and the number of tickets currently assigned to the assignee.
  6. If all the rules fail to return a set of assignees, the assignment process fails.

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