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arsnmpd configuration file purpose

Use the arsnmpd.conf (arsnmpd.cfg) file to configure any of the following information:

To configure any of these items, apply a configuration directive and related arguments. You can also add comments to any configuration file by beginning any comment line with a hash character, #. The standard syntax is as follows:

directive argument [<optionalArgument>]
# This is a comment

The following conditions apply to directives:

  • Each directive must occupy its own line in the configuration file.
  • Directives can be included in any order.
  • Only one instance of a directive is permitted in a configuration file unless otherwise indicated.
  • Directives are considered optional unless otherwise specified.

If you configured SNMP during the installation process, many of the configuration options are represented in this arsnmpd configuration file. If you did not configure SNMP during installation, a sample arsnmpd.conf file with comment lines and sample directives is installed. In this case, you need to remove the hash characters and provide valid arguments to the various directives. You can also add configuration directives where appropriate.

System information defined in the arsnmpd file

The following system information can be defined in the arsnmpd configuration file:




A string representing the location of the system running BMC Remedy SNMP Agent


A string representing contact information for AR System, BMC Remedy SNMP Agent, or both

To define the system location, add the following directive:

syslocation  <systemLocation>

To define the system contact, add the following directive:

syscontact  <systemContactInformation>

The argument to syslocation or syscontact can include spaces. However, all the information must be on the same line and no longer than 255 characters.

For example:

syslocation Lab in room 101
syscontact Call Joe at 555-5555 or

You can access information defined by these directives from BMC Remedy SNMP Agent by querying the related MIB-II system group OIDs:




Used to populate sysLocation OID of MIB-II (


Used to populate sysContact OID of MIB-II (

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