This documentation applies to the 8.0 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Arranging tabs in a perspective

The default layout of the Developer perspective includes five groups of tabs arranged around the editor area. Each tab group has command buttons that apply to the tab in the group that is selected.

To open a closed tab

  • Select Window > Show View and select the view (tab) from this submenu.
    The Analyzer, Progress, Relationships, and Search Results tabs open automatically when needed.

To access a tab in a tab group that is not visible

  1. Click the Show List button at the right of the tabs.
  2. In the list of views or editors, click the one to show.
    The views whose tabs are not visible are shown in boldface in the list.

To change the order of tabs in a tab group

  • Click and drag the tab to its new location.

To move a tab to another area in the window

  1. Click and drag the tab until the mouse pointer becomes an arrow.
    The arrow points to the location for the tab.
  2. Drop the tab when the grey drag frame is where you want the new tab group.
    Editor tab groups must be in the editor area.
    Use this procedure to work with editors or object lists side by side or one above another.

To move a tab from one tab group to another

  • Click and drag the tab into the destination tab group.
    The following figure shows the result of dragging the Properties tab into the tab group with the Outline tab.

    Outline and Properties tabs in one tab group
    (Click the image to expand it.)

To minimize or maximize a tab group

  • Click Minimize or Maximize.
    Toolbars, called shortcut bars, in the margins of the application window represent the minimized tab groups. When you maximize a tab group, the other tab groups are minimized.


    You can control where the shortcut bar for a tab group appears in the window margins by dragging it to the location you prefer. For example, you can drag all the shortcut bars to the status line so that the left and right margins do not get wider when you minimize a tab group.

To work in a minimized view tab group

  1. Click the tab's icon (not the Restore icon) for the tab that you want to use.
    The tab opens temporarily.
  2. Perform the operations in the open tab.
  3. Click the tab's Minimize button to minimize the view again.
    If you click any other tab or editor, the temporarily opened tab minimizes again.
    Use this procedure to work in the Outline or Properties tab when you have an editor maximized.

To restore a tab group

  • Click Restore in the minimized tab group toolbar.
    If all other tab groups are minimized when one is maximized, clicking any Restore button restores them all.

To detach a tab

  1. Right-click the tab and select Detached.
  2. Move and resize the detached window as needed.
    Use this procedure to work in a maximized editor with the Outline or Properties tab in a separate window on your desktop.
    The following figure shows the Property tab detached with the form editor maximized.

    Form editor maximized with Property tab detached 
    (Click the image to expand it.)

To reattach a detached view

To reset the perspective to its default layout

  1. Select Window > Reset Perspective.
  2. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.
    Resetting the Developer perspective closes all object list views.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.