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armonitor configuration file purpose

The armonitor configuration file permits the armonitor utility to start BMC Remedy SNMP Agent and to establish a link to it.

If you configured BMC Remedy SNMP Agent during installation, no modification to this file is necessary. Otherwise, you must edit the armonitor.cfg (armonitor.conf) file to enable armonitor to start and interact with BMC Remedy SNMP Agent.

Enable SNMP by setting the SNMP-agent-enabled configuration parameter to true as follows:

SNMP-agent-enabled: T

In addition, remove the comment marker (#) from the command line corresponding to the arsnmpd process. (This enables armonitor to start BMC Remedy SNMP Agent.)

You might need to change the default port number from 161 because an SNMP agent might already be running on the default port 161. To do this, change the value of udp:161 on the line corresponding to the arsnmpd process to a new port number that is not currently in use by another process (for example udp:8161).

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